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Welcome to The Bike Shop! We are a full-service Independent Bicycle Dealer (IBD) specializing in providing the absolute best customer experience…ever. We love cycling, we love riding, racing, cruising…going fast, going slow (some of us)…riding in groups and riding alone. At The Bike Shop, everyone is treated with the same level of respect and customer service. Period. We are here to share the love of riding to as many as we can, and make sure those who already love it…keep on riding!

Joe and Marsha French


Joe-I’ve been riding, racing and working on bikes my whole life; it’s a part of me. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to ride some of the best bikes, see the coolest places, and meet the best people, all because of bicycles. So, after 22 years in the corporate world, I opened The Bike Shop with a vision. I wanted a shop that would be known, and trusted, for providing the highest quality service and best customer experience to everyone who walks through the door, regardless of their cycling knowledge or skills. 

Marsha-I love to talk to our customers about their training, nutrition and anything fun in life (she's the only one at the shop who thinks triathlons are fun). You can find me behind the counter, or, in my office where I help keep cyclists and athletes alike healthy and injury free with fascial stretching (FST). I've spent my adult life working with athletes on their personal training, coaching, and with FST, so swing by anytime just to chat!

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to share the passion of cycling to those who know it, and show the passion to those that don’t. I’m certain if you stop by, you will feel like you are part of the family as soon as you walk in. Ride strong, Godspeed and rubber side down!

Jake-He's a weekender...or every other weekend, maybe, as long as it doesn't interfere with his Perry High social life. You can find Jake, along side of Jack (usually goofing-off), hustling around the shop helping to load bikes, clean bikes, stocking shelves or greeting customers as they walk in. 

**UPDATE** This pic is 5 years old...Jake is in college now but still pops-in, so I am leaving this pic here, because I am his dad :) 

Ed-Pop, Dad or Big Ed. He's retired so he comes and goes when he wants, but when he is in the Shop, he'll be more than happy to chat with you about his hiking adventures...but he also logs a ton of miles on his bikes, too!  He's great for customer service, and sometimes leaves a pile of cable and housing carnage on the Shop floor, but it gets him out of the house and keeps him mother appreciates that too!