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The New BMC Speedfox

You. The Trail. Synchronized.

You. The trail. Synchronized.

Trail riders are mountain biking's most dynamic athletes. They expect a bike capable of tackling any trail with no-compromise performance — from fast and flowy singletrack, to technical and downright rowdy alpine dirt. BMC created the Speedfox to fill that order. No matter what your definition of 'trail' is, it's the perfect companion for multi-day adventures or brain-resetting sunset rides on your home trails.

By combining cutting-edge trail bike performance with advanced adjustment technology, the Speedfox delivers a more intuitive riding experience, allowing you to focus solely on chasing the trail ahead.

The Speedfox features groundbreaking new Trailsync technology, which combines dropper post operation and compression damping, simplifies your cockpit, and eliminates one-handed, on-the-fly adjustments. Trailsync ensures that you're always riding the optimum suspension tune in the correct saddle position.



Trailsync Technology ensures you're always in the right suspension tune so you can keep your hands on the bars while staying connected to the trail.



120/130 mm of perfectly balanced, trail-optimized travel—efficient uphill, confident downhill.



Cutting-edge integration delivers durability and performance, packaged in a uniquely Swiss, aesthetic form.

7 Points of Integration

1. IP Cable Routing
Prevents rattling, facilitates routing through internal carbon guide tubes.

2. Multi-Port
Lets you ride the bike with or without a front derailleur and provides access to the interior of the frame.

3. Mud Flap/ Hidden Link
Hides all cables between the rear triangle and the main frame; keeps bearings clean.

4. Integrated Protection
Molded downtube and chainstay guards keep your frame safe from impacts, in a refined design package.

5. APS Advanced Pivot System
An efficient and durable suspension system with a trail tune. Supports you on the uphill while being fully active on the downhill.

6. Trailsync
Combines two actions in one. Drop the seat post and open the rear suspension with the push of one button...and vice versa.

7. Low Standover Height
Confidence, regardless of rider height.

Integrated Protection

Lower Link Mud Flap

The Lower link mud flap reduces wear and tear caused by elements.

Downtube and Chainstay Protectors

The downtube and chainstay protectors add impact resistance for a perfect look after years of use.

Swiss Design

More than just a Link

More than just a Link:

Best-in-class design combines great torsional stiffness with internally routed cables and protection.



Trailsync goes beyond the benefits of a standard dropper post by combining automatic suspension and saddle position adjustment. It is perfectly integrated in the frame design and operated with a single, remote lever.

1. Activate Trailsync by pressing the remote lever

2. The remote lever activates the dropper post (drop or rise)

3. The dropper post controls the suspension mode

Riding Position And Suspension Tune At Once

Trailsync is so intuitive that you will find yourself reaching for the remote all the time:

No more extended dropper post, or a locked suspension half-way down the trail.

With Trailsync you control your riding position and suspension tune at once. The intuitive system activation maximizes the amount of sync time with the trail.

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